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Creating the cultural niche

In the beginning, there was culture...

The first who came to the Shipbuilder's Lane in 1992 after the long military and industrial period were innovative people interested in creative culture . Many stayed, and still more followed, The location’s culture bearers today include: fabrik Potsdam, Hans Otto Theater, T-Werk and Waschhaus e.V..

Cultural and artistic associations existed right from the beginning among the cultural institutions who settled in the Shipbuilder's Lane. Today you can find the Landesverband Freier Theater right beside the LAG SozioKultur Brandenburg as well as the Projekt kulturgewinn which emerged from the project entitled kulturGewinn.

The creative environment

More recently, several larger and smaller businesses have settled in this vivid cultural environment explicitly because of its cultural advantages. ORACLE Deutschland GmbH has its office in the former coke separator and from the building of Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam there is an astounding view directly over Lake Tiefer See. The creative neighbourhood has attracted other companies as well, such as Hazardous Waste Ltd. Brandenburg/Berlin (Sonderabfallgesellschaft Brandenburg/Berlin GmbH) in the former Officer's Mess, Sail Training Berlin-Potsdam (Segeltraining Berlin Potsdam), Huckleberry Raft Tours, the Marina on Lake Tiefer See (Marina am Tiefen See) close to the Humboldt Bridge, the organic food store Bio Company, the Water Taxi/White Fleet (Wassertaxi/Weiße Flotte), Velotaxi, and Project Kulturgewinn/IQ Consult. The Trollwerk Production GbR and Waschhaus Promotion GmbH are the first local spin-offs of the cultural businesses at the Shipbuilder's Lane.


Last but not least, a manifold gastronomic landscape developed around the culture and economy of Shipbuilder's Lane. The on-board ship restaurant Restaurantschiff John Barnett docks at the Shipbuilder's Lane , the former Chicory Mill became the Ristorante Il Teatro, serving authentic Italian cuisine, the new museum FLUXUS +'s café offers a spectacular view of the waterfront, and Fabrik[garten] is the most attractive beach bar in Potsdam, not to mention the best place for a sun-downer on a warm summer evening.

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