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Beginning in 1871, the Hussar Guard became the German emperor’s private guard and he Officer's Mess was built in 1886 as an Officer’s Cafeteria (“Offiziersspeiseanstalt”), because the crown prince found it inappropriate to dine in the Hussar caserne. The draft for this neogothic brick building came from Mr. Schönhals , the “Intendant and Government Building Officer” and was carried out by the General Building Inspector, Mr. Pieper. The interior of the Officer's Mess was exquisitely decorated with sandstone chimneys, coffered ceilings, frescos, wood panelling, tarsia works, and leaded windows. It was ceremoniously opened in the “Year of Three Emperors” in 1888. The high-ranking officers of the Hussar Guard were now offered representative rooms which could also be used for celebrations of all kinds, in which the former battalion commander – who in the meantime became Emperor William II - frequently liked to participate. During the GDR period, the NVA’s (National People’s Army) fencing center was based in the Officer's Casino (and Riding Hall A), and between 1963 and 1974 is was the NVA’s cultural building where concerts, readings, and dances took place; the gas workers visited the pub on the ground floor as well. A fire destroyed the building in 1992, when the Federal Property Office was based there, after which it was reconstructed. It now serves as an office building which is currently used by:

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