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Volkswagen Design Center Potsdam

Aside from the Design Center in Wolfsburg, Volkswagen AG operates with a second Design Center in Potsdam. Currently, it is Volkswagen’s most modern design studio with an area of 2,600 square meters. The building was finished in 2004 and started operation in January 2005. The impressive construction was designed by the Potsdam architect Moritz Kock, who skillfully combined the unique guidelines of combining secrecy and transparency. The interplay between intimacy and disclosure is full of excitement, particularly in the tinted windows, which simultaneously realize the connection to the location and to the waterside. The significance of outstanding architecture was the explicit directive since the beginning of the planning. Volkswagen clearly recognizes the importance of architecture as a cultural achievement – for example, the Autostadt in Wolfsburg and the Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden.

The new building had to be, and was, conceived optimally with regard to the demand of design processes, that is, not only the concrete work tasks, CAD, and model building, but also the creation of an architectonic ambience contributing inspiration through the use of light and space. Furthermore, the integration of the water landscape reflecting off the windows toward Lake Tiefer See is remarkable, as are the numerous reflections of the environment of the Shipbuilder's Lane. The interconnection of art and technique and of culture and economy is clearly visible in the unique architectural ensemble in the Shipbuilder's Lane, and the spectacular building of “Volkswagen Design Center is a valuable contribution.

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