Kunstraum Potsdam

Kunstraum Potsdam‘s exhibition focus makes it a key presentation location for international modern art beyond the commercial gallery business. It sees itself as a forum of current visual art and its border areas, reflecting important aesthetic and social questions and furthering contemporary artistic positions in various media such as painting, drawing, photography, object art, installation, and video.

Every year Kunstraum Potsdam presents six exhibitions. In addition to the collaboration with outstanding national and international famous artists, young and still-unknown artists and their experimental creative beginnings are supported in the series “Platform.” The series “Positions” explicitly handles political and social issues, where journalistic and documental photography are the center of interest.

One important aspect of Kunstraum Potsdam and its work is the collaboration with other cultural institutions and guest curators. Once a year, a “guest performance” is organized, where regional artists or independent curators are able to present their work. Nationwide, Kunstraum Potsdam seeks to develop into a cooperation and contact partner for different galleries, museums, and artist projects. Furthermore, the side by side existence of different culture bearers and economic businesses in the Shipbuilder’s Lane brings up ideal preconditions for artistically zestful synergies.

Kunstraum Potsdam is not only a place of visual art: it is also a podium for cultural encounters of all kinds, which is the catalyst for lectures, discussions, and artist talks as well as thematic readings, concerts, and films.


kunstraum Potsdam
Schiffbauergasse 4 D, 14467 Potsdam

Tel. +49 (0)331 - 271 56 30

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