Marina am Tiefen See (Marina on Lake Tiefer See)

Take a sport boat to the theater!

The convenient location allows boat tourists and water athletes can walk on the new waterfront paths to reach the manifold offers all over the broad area, including of course the Hans Otto Theater.

The new carriers of the bridge complex, Bernd Taborsky and Andrea Burchardi, seek to open the harbor to every visitor of the Shipbuilder’s Lane who is interested: ‘Landlubbers’ are invited to sniff ‘harbor air’ as well as enjoy the beautiful and unique landscape of the Havel River all around, maybe even on thier ‘own keels’ sometime.

61 moorings for long-term tenants and guests belong to the harbor. Visitors can rent excellent quality motor boats; some of them can even be driven without a licence. There are also pedal boats, canoes, rowboats, and comfortable charter yachts. For individual or guided boat round trips a new, homelike party boat which offers space for 12 people is available. A skipper stands by as well.

The aquatic sports school “” offers licence courses for motor and sailing boats (plus incentives), skipper and regatta training, and interesting specials such as after-work sailing and local aquatic sport events.

A competent and friendly team guarantees short-term help in case of technical problems.

There will be rental bikes, new sanitary arrangements, washing machines and dryers, and a bread roll service from next season on.

There also is a comfortable harbor bistro with a beautiful view of Lake Tiefer See, where guests can enjoy tasty snacks while relaxing after a day full of impressions.


Marina am Tiefen See
Andrea Burchadi & Bernd Taborsky
Schiffbauergasse 8, 14467 Potsdam

Tel. +49 (0)331 - 817 0 617

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