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Koksseparator (Coke Separator)

The coke separator was built in 1953-55 according to the plans of Karl Gottfried Pust in a neoclassical style. The glowing coke coming out of the hot distillation ovens was carried by an inclined conveyor belt to a separator device where it was screened and sorted by quality and size. Today there are three passages to the newly-built theater where once the three different coke sizes called “Brech 1, Brech 2, and Brech 3” were filled onto lorries or cargo boats. Further byproducts of the gas generation were raw tar, naphthalene, ammoniac, ammonia, and benzol, all of which were used in industry.

As one of the first industrial facilities in Potsdam, the gas works had been continuously producing gas for the illumination and heating of the city for more than 134 years when it was shut down on July 1, 1990. The demolition and clean-up operations began in 2001, which included cleaning the contaminated earth, groundwater and lake sediments. The most distinctive building of the gas works, the coke separator, remained. The ferroconcrete construction covered with clinker bricks is 35 metres high. In 2002 it was gutted and rebuilt completely, except for the façade, which was preserved. Today it is an office building used by the software company Oracle.

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